I just hope there's another Arnold where I go next (cecilegrey) wrote,


Those of you who create fanworks, what types of mediums have you explored during your time in fandom? Writing, art, vidding, podficcing, cosplay, etc? I'd love to hear what you've experimented with and what you've enjoyed the most.


I feel like my earlier years in fandom were more productive, when I was experimenting a lot. These last few years I kind of settled just into writing, but now my interest had declined. Maybe I should step away from writing and try something new. (Not likely a new fandom though... I still like my old ones too much. :D) The first fanworks I fell in love with were vids, which I was exposed to at the first few Xena conventions I attended. I've always wanted to try vidding. Maybe that should be my new thing to try in 2014.

Hope you guys are doing well and have a bright holiday season. <3
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