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Preschool, Buffy video game

[1] My niece had her first day of preschool today and loved it. <3

Also, there was no rain or nice boys with umbrellas saying, "I like your bow because it's pink, like your pants," so I suppose that is ultimately for the best. ;P

(Gif taken from this tumblr, though I don't know if that's who made it.)

She did wear a bow, but it was black, like her shirt. (She's kind of going through a goth phase. Apparently four-year-olds can do that.)

[2] I'm terrible at motivating myself to write lately. I do have one poem I've been working on with some enthusiasm, but slowly. I've got other ideas but not many that I can find the motivation to realize. I sit and stare, and type out a bit of junk, and get angry that it's not good, so I do something else.

Lately I've been letting myself get sucked into video games. Been playing the first Buffy game on Xbox, which I've never beaten before. I'm almost to the end now and it's SO FUN. Pretty sure the show's writing team was involved, because the dialogue is spot on and hilarious. My favorite part is when a vampire runs up to me spouting some evil line and I immediately stake him before he gets to finish. :P Staking vampires in general is very, very satisfying.
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