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Happy Birthday, Marcos!

I hope you're having a good day, marcosbnpinto! I've got a little something for your birthday.

DOCTOR BLISS! :) She was quite a challenge. She is definitely my final snow sculpture for this year, because most of the snow has melted away, now.

I also have a tiny fic. While the snowman was something I did some weeks ago, the ficlet I finished today especially for the occasion. I hope you enjoy it.

title: Leaving and Coming Together
fandom: Hey Arnold!
characters: Dr Bliss, Olga Pataki
words: ~440

The sun streamed into the halls, touching the floor with it's most potent shade of orange. Normally only the janitors would be working this late, but Christine Bliss had let time slip by her today. A moment ago, she had been silently admonishing herself for her lapse of judgment as she flipped off the lights in her office, but now, as she discovered none other than Olga Pataki lingering in the barren lobby, she was glad she stayed.

She recognized Olga -- the blond hair, the cheerful demeanor -- even before she introduced herself and handed her a package.

"Helga wanted to give it to you herself," Olga explained, "but she had been so busy with packing and making arrangements, and before she knew it, it was time to leave!"

"A gift," Christine acknowledged, smiling.

"I helped her pick it out. We've been spending much more Sister Time together lately, and I'm sure you're partly to thank for that. We were just beginning to really get to know one another..."

Christine suspected some of Helga's recent attitude adjustment hinged on the knowledge that she would be 'getting the heck out of dodge and not looking back', as she'd said, but of course Christine didn't point this out. It wasn't as though Helga's usual lack of pleasantness implied a lack of love. Helga had always loved her sister in strange, guarded sort of way, and Christine felt proud that she had grown more patient in dealing with her family. For Christine, knowing that she could help families come together was a greater gift than any material thing anyone could give her.

"I think Helga will do very well," Christine said, reading in Olga's expression not only an ache of loss, but of worry. "She has maturity beyond her years."

Olga lifted her shoulders in a melodramatic shrug. "But she'll always be my baby sister."

Christine couldn't help staring with curious delight. She recognized in Olga the traits that would have come across as irritating through Helga's eyes, but she also saw a woman overflowing with love and emotion that mirrored Helga's own, if expressed very differently.

A beat passed, leaving Christine to wonder if she should open the gift right away or not, but Olga saved her from this decision, lighting up like a lightbulb with a brilliant idea.

"Let me give you a ride home! My jeep is just out front. I purchased it at a charity auction to go toward the Runaway and Homeless Youth Foundation, which I've also been volunteering at three times a week..."

Christine smiled as they stepped out together into the warm air.


Tags: !fiction, !snowmen, #hey arnold, ~marcos
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