I just hope there's another Arnold where I go next (cecilegrey) wrote,

Valentine frenzy, X-files watching, Arthur's bane

[1] It's that time of year again when I debate whether or not to continue the annual Hey Arnold Valentines friending meme at hey_arnold, lol. The fandom here on LJ is very quiet these days. Virtually vanished, in fact.

[2] I am still making my way through my first X-files watch, LOL. I am at 9.07 (John Doe). This show is so masterful with its suspense! And I'm always impressed with the creative ways they let the stories unfold. Initially, I was finding it a bit difficult to enjoy the character of Reyes this season, but after watching 9.07 I have new appreciation. She was badass in that one.

[3] On my DW, I have a question about Arthur's bane. I'd be curious to hear any of your thoughts!
Tags: #hey arnold, #merlin, #x-files
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